Comida Independente


Fotografias de Miguel Andrade (perfil), Manuel Manso (interior)

Rita Santos created Comida Independente in 2017 with the goal of gathering food and wine from artisanal production in the same space, the result of a survey in the field where she visited producers across the country. The focus is on quality production on a small scale and the signature of this space is “Great Products from Small Producers”.

Comida independente store in Santos has received producers from all over the country for wine and food tastings. It has become a mecca for foodies, cooks and sommeliers and welcomes people from all over the world, promoting the Portuguese wine and gastronomic heritage.

Rua Cais do Tojo 28
1200-649 Lisbon
How to get there
+351 213 951 762

Facebook/ @comidaindependente
Intagram/ @comida_independente