Since 1945, ICEL has inspired people with its products, developing and producing state of the art cutlery, with high quality, unique, ergonomic and functional design. 

“We inspire your art” by presenting reliable and long-lasting tools, that enhance artistic talent, and are capable of telling stories through food, triggering creativity, the senses, emotions and sensations. Wisdom, based on years of improvement and relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainable development, certifies ICEL as a trusted brand that inspires its customers spread across 5 continents. From early on, respect for the environment led to the application of strict principles of rational consumption of resources, which contribute to the improvement of air and water quality, waste management and protection of water resources, made ICEL one of the first cutlery companies in the world to obtain Environmental Certification.

"The future is prepared today".

ICEL makes a huge commitment to the design of its products, in order to achieve a balance between technological innovation, raw material, functionality and aesthetics, presenting an ergonomic design that transforms the piece into an extension of yourself. Its aesthetic beauty with organic contours, transform the pieces into harmonious creations and functional tools of high quality, with great durability and unmatched performance.With a design team operating internally, ICEL is able to constantly update, improve, create and evolve its products in a way perfectly adapted to any need.

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