Virgílio Gomes

History of Gastronomy

Virgílio Nogueiro Gomes was born in Bragança on June 30, 1949. He graduated in Hotel Management from the Institut Internationalde Glion, in Switzerland, and made a career in hotel management with a focus on food and beverages. He is a researcher in the History of Food, and professor of Gastronomy and Culture and the History of Food. He is a member of the Academy of Letters of Trás-os-Montes, author of the book Transmontanices - Causas de Comer, and of the Portuguese Writers Association, and co-author of the book A Cozinha do Mar and writes regularly in several newspapers and magazines. National Gastronomy Commission, which led Gastronomy to Cultural Heritage, and coordinator of its Technical Council. He also published, by Marcador, the book Treating Snack and the Great Wonders of National Cuisine.

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