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Do you know Herdade de São Luís - Porcus Natura?
Francisco Alves, owner and responsible for the management of Herdade de São Luís, in Serra de Monfurado, where Porcus Natura is located, develops an extensive system of regenerative agriculture, initiated by his father.

And what does that mean - Regenerative Agriculture?
It means that they use all the species that live in their fields - Bovines, Alentejo Pigs, Serpentine Goats and Black Merina Sheep - in favor of soil productivity, so that not only does it have quality, more fertile and more biodiverse pasture, as it is a great carbon scavenger and balance the emissions caused by animals. This is done by promoting a dynamic of rotation of the spaces covered by the animals on a daily basis and, simply, “letting them work”.

So what is going to happen on this day?
Francisco will take us on an exclusive guided tour along the Montado and will explain all of this on the spot. You will get to know up close the incredible work that is done there, that we think everyone must know, and that requires knowledge and the will to do differently.

Will we have lunch?
Of course! After the visit, around 1:30 pm, we will have a lunch prepared by chefs António Galapito, João Rodrigues and Vasco Coelho Santos with all the meat that is raised there. The dishes are still a secret, but it is said that there will be suckling pig, roast lamb and goats and pork and grain stew. In addition to the meats we will also be able to taste some incredible products that Talho das Manas will bring us.

How do we get there?
Herdade S. Luis, São Luís da Mogueira Chapel.
Serra de Monfurado, Montemor-o-Novo
See the way here

It's very easy, take the A6 highway towards Spain, get off at the first exit to Montemor, head towards Santiago do Escoural and you will find the exit on the right to the Ermida de S. Luís. You will drive about 3 km on a dirt road, some areas have the most difficult floor, but a normal car passes throught without a problem. When you think you're lost, don't give up and continue, you're almost there! :)

What day is it? Saturday, 1 May 2021, Labor Day
What time should I arrive? 11:30 am
How much it cost? 50 € per person
Can I take children? Please, up to 12 years old are invited! We really want children to come and when they take lunch in the school canteen, ask where that meat comes from :)
How do I book? Send an email to with the number of people and receive all the information.
Will I have a network or WiFI? No, you will not have wifi, network or electricity. Get ready.
Very important note: Do not wear high heels or white sneakers.