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The pleasure in working with aromatic herbs was brought to Grândola from Hanover (Germany), in 2015. A year later, Rita Pacheco opened the company A Cerquinha, to continue this production, in addition to organic vegetables, to add colour to the baskets sold in the municipality and surroundings.

Cerquinha da Fonte
Sobreiras Altas, Grândola
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Introduced by
Lara Espirito Santo e George Mcleod, Restaurante Sem

Texto de Patrícia Serrado

The seven-hectare plot of land belonging to the grandfather, in Cerquinha da Fonte, located close to the village of Sobreiras Altas, in Grândola, already biologically certified, is the ideal place to produce aromatic herbs. “I already had everything planned out”, says Rita Pacheco, trained in Animal Science, who, in 2015, decided to leave Hanover, and return to Alentejo, to produce her aromatic herbs and organic vegetables. "In 2016, we opened the company" belonging to Agro Pecuária Palhotas das Figueiras, Lda. Over time, "we were adding as many varieties as possible" in a hectare and a half of land, because "the idea was to start with hampers", explains.

The list of aromatic herbs divides into spices and infusions. The first includes coriander, parsley, basil, rosemary, chives, among others, while the second includes lemongrass, Moroccan mint, lemon pike, peppermint, and other herbs. Lettuce, cabbage, zucchini, tomato, rocket, spinach, and leek are some of the vegetables that Rita Pacheco harvests locally and at the appropriate time of year.

The product table is published weekly on Facebook, with the selection made by its customers, as 90% of the baskets are personalized. “The products are picked on the same day” and delivered to the place or at home, but “anyone who wants can go to the garden and choose the products for their basket”, says Rita, whose customers are mainly concentrated in the municipality of Grândola, Melides and Carvalhal, for example, enter the perimeters of A Cerquinha deliveries.

Currently, Rita Pacheco also sells her products in baskets for seven restaurants – A Cavalariça and Taberna da Vila, both in Comporta, A Talha, in Grândola, Quinta da Comporta, in Carvalhal, Alma Nómada, in Porto Covo, the restaurant Sem e o Tati, in Lisbon.

As for the future, Rita Pacheco reveals the desire to increase the production area and find people to work, which is proving unfeasible.